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Auto Liability

Auto Liability is meant to protect you if you are found liable or responsible for something. Take for instance; you damage someone else’s vehicle. Your car liability insurance will cover the damage to their car. Also if you are being sued, this insurance will cover any legal defense cost. Which will certainly be helpful in […]

Business Auto Insurance

Whether you’re in construction, landscaping, or office work, your customers are the heart of your small business. They depend on you, so every day you strive to provide the best products and services so that your customers are satisfied. Your customers trust you, so you deserve to have an insurance company that you can trust. […]

Looking for car insurance?

You can’ t stop accidents from happening, but you can protect yourself financially by having adequate insurance. Before shopping for something, you would want to have a grasp on what you will need. So you will first want to learn the basics of Florida Auto Insurance.  Knowing the basic requirements of Florida’s automobile insurance is […]

PIP auto insurance

Personal injury protection coverage (PIP) This type of coverage will benefit you and your passenger(s) if your vehicle is involved in an accident, regardless if you caused or the accident was caused by another driver.  You can add PIP to your existing automobile insurance policy. PIP insurance is a no-fault insurance. Since PIP is a no-fault […]

Auto Insurance Fraud

Automobile fraud is on the rise in Florida, It has become a very serious problem. It has cost insurance companies millions of dollars per year. Why do you care? We  pay for these fraudulent claims, because the insurance rates are raised to compensate the company’s loss. Fraud occurs when someone knowingly lies to obtain some […]

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