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Condo Insurance
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Condo insurance is a critical safeguard for condominium owners, providing a mix of coverage types that protect against various risks. It is essential for protecting personal belongings and the interior of the unit from damages such as theft, water, or fire. At Giselle Camilo Insurance, our team of experienced and certified insurance agents understand the ins and outs of condo insurance to help you find the right coverage. For condo owners with a mortgage, insurance is typically required by lenders, but even without a mortgage, it’s a wise investment to protect against potential financial losses. To further protect your investment beyond traditional condo insurance, we also offer umbrella insurance policies.

Condo insurance helps cover your unit and your personal belongings if they are damaged by a covered peril. Your policy may help pay for expenses caused by:

  • Theft
  • Fire and smoke
  • Vandalism
  • Sudden and accidental water damage from your plumbing, water heater, heating or air conditioning system, or household appliance.

For more information about the positive impact and benefits a condo insurance policy can provide you or to speak with a member of our team, please feel free to contact us today! We proudly serve condo owners in Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton, Orlando, Naples, FL, and the surrounding areas.

What does condo insurance cover

Condominium insurance policies aren’t one-size-fits-all. A typical policy comes with some standard protections, including condo liability insurance. You can customize your policy by increasing your coverage limits or purchasing optional protection, like loss assessment coverage.

Your condo or townhome owner’s policy is separate from your association’s insurance. The association’s policy, combined with yours, helps ensure that you have the coverage you need.

Liability coverage

If someone sues you after being injured on your property or you’re responsible for repairs after you accidentally damage another person’s property, condo liability insurance may help pay for your expenses.

Personal property coverage

This helps pay to repair or replace the possessions inside your condo or townhome, like furniture, electronics and clothes, if they’re damaged by a covered risk. When you purchase your policy, you may be able to choose between two types of personal property coverage:

  • Actual cash value, which helps reimburse you for your belongings’ depreciated value based on factors such as their age or condition.
  • Reimbursement provision, which pays you for the depreciated value of your belongings, and then, after you’ve replaced an item, sends a second reimbursement check for the remaining amount needed to purchase the new item.

Guest medical coverage

If a visitor is injured while on your property, this coverage helps pay for X-rays, ambulance rides and other reasonable and necessary medical expenses.

Additional living expenses

This coverage helps reimburse you for increased living costs if you temporarily can’t live in your condo or townhouse after a covered claim. It typically helps you pay for food, a temporary place to live and more.

Building property protection

If belongings that aren’t typically considered personal property, like cabinetry and appliances, are damaged in a covered claim, this coverage helps pay to repair or replace them. In some cases, though, these items are covered by your condo association’s master policy.

What a Condo Insurance Policy Covers

Dwelling Coverage
Helps cover alterations, appliances, fixtures and improvements that are part of your condo building and any part of the property you’re responsible for insuring under the corporation or property owner’s association agreement. For example, if the drywall in your bathroom is damaged by a storm, Dwelling Coverage will help cover the cost of repair.

Personal Property
Helps protect your personal belongings, such as furniture, clothing and appliances, with certain limitations or exclusions. For example, an upstairs bathtub overflows and damages your TV, Personal Property will help cover the costs.

Loss of Use
Helps pay your living expenses if you cannot live in your condo due to a covered loss. For example a fire in the unit next door causes smoke and water damage to your unit. Loss of Use helps pay for you to stay in a hotel while the flood damage is being repaired.

Helps cover your legal defense plus any court judgments against you for covered losses up to policy limits if you’re sued over a property-related issue. For example, if that overflowing sink damages the condo below you, Liability can help cover legal defense fees as well as the damages.

Medical Payments
Helps pay emergency medical bills if someone is injured on your property. It also covers any injury caused by a member of your family or a pet regardless of where it happens. Bills are paid, within limits, whether you’re legally responsible or not. This could help cover medical bills you might be obligated to pay if, for example, a guest at your house trips and injures himself.

Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

Is condo insurance required?

Many lenders may require you to purchase a policy from a company that offers condo insurance. This policy is sometimes called “walls-in” coverage or HO-6 insurance. It helps cover the interior walls, fixtures and personal property within your condo. Allstate’s condo insurance meets HO-6 requirements.

How can I save money on condo insurance?

Raising your deductible is one way to save money. You may also qualify for a discount if your condo is new or if you’ve made it safer by installing smoke alarms, fire extinguishers or a security system. Learn more about condo insurance discounts.

What does condo insurance not cover?

Condo insurance protects an owner from accidental and sudden losses. However, there are some losses that aren’t covered.

Breakdowns in the home.
Most condominium insurance does not cover basic maintenance repairs. For example, if your water heater cracks, your coverage most likely will not help to replace the water heater. (But it might help pay for the damage to your floors.) That’s why it’s a good idea to have all your heating, cooling and plumbing systems regularly serviced.

Floods, earthquakes and water backup.
Floods, earthquakes and water (sewer) backups are excluded from most condo insurance policies. If you want to purchase additional insurance to cover these events, talk to your Allstate agent.

Most condo insurance policies cover your contents up to a certain value. But certain valuables, like expensive jewelry, furs and silverware may require extended coverage to cover their full value. You might also consider coverage to cover lock replacements, satellite dish antennas, computers and fire department charges. Check with your Allstate agent to learn more.

Does my condo association cover my belongings?

No. Your condo association’s insurance covers parts of the building structure but, generally, doesn’t cover your personal belongings like your furniture, clothes and electronics. A condo policy will help you repair or replace your possessions if they’re damaged by a covered peril (like theft, fire, smoke and more).