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Help protect your house and belongings by purchasing Flood Insurance policy

Flood insurance is an optional insurance coverage that can help protect your home against the damage caused by flooding. You don’t have to live along the coast or near a river to need it.

Even areas considered lower risk can be vulnerable to flooding because there are many conditions that can cause it, including poor drainage systems, rapid accumulation of rainfall, snowmelt, and construction run-off.

Protect your home from harm

Flood insurance helps cover physical damage to your home and belongings from floods or related losses from rising water. You can purchase a government-run National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policy through a GCI Agent.

Why buy flood insurance?

When you purchase an NFIP flood policy through an Allstate agent, you’re helping protecting yourself from the financial burden flooding can cause. In fact, just one inch of water in a home can cost more than $25,000 in damage. Instead of paying out of pocket or taking out loans to cover your expenses, flood insurance can help make the recovery process quicker, easier and less costly.

Learn about the types of flood insurance

The NFIP offers two types of flood insurance coverage: Building Property and Personal Property (Contents). The first helps protect your actual home and the second helps cover what’s inside. To better prepare for the unexpected, the NFIP recommends purchasing both types of coverage.

Whats covered by flood insurance

When you purchase both types of flood insurance—Building Property and Personal Property (Contents)—you’re helping protect yourself from a variety of flood-related damages. Here are some of the things each type can help cover.

Building property coverage
Provides coverage for the physical structure of your home or non-resident property, including electrical and plumbing systems, refrigerators, window blinds and more
Personal property (contents) coverage
Provides coverage for the items inside your home, like clothing, furniture, microwaves and televisions, at their value at the time of loss

What is not covered?

When it comes to flood damage, Building Property and Personal Property (Contents) policies won’t cover:

  • Damage caused by moisture, mildew or mold that could have been avoided by the property owner
  • Currency, precious metals and valuable papers like stock certificates
  • Property and belongings outside of a building like trees, fences and swimming pools
  • Living expenses like temporary housing

Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

Does homeowners insurance cover floods?

Most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover flood damage. This important extra layer of protection is optional, additional coverage that you can purchase.

How are rates established?

Flood insurance rates are established by the federal government. As a result, all companies will use these same rates to determine your cost for flood insurance coverage. Quotes given for flood insurance are based on a customer’s geographic location and the flood risks associated with that area.

Can I get coverage if Im in a high risk area?

Even if you live in a high-risk area and/or your community takes part in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) – as most do – you can get coverage.