Protection plan

with freedom to invest

Variable Universal Life Insurance

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A protection plan that gives you freedom to invest

Like all life insurance policies, variable universal life insurance provides a death benefit, but it also offers the widest range of cash value investment options. This type of policy typically appeals to those who are investment-savvy and aggressive in terms of risk tolerance and offers

Flexible cash value

Put your cash value towards retirement or other life needs.

Range of investment options

Have the freedom to decide where to invest your cash value. Choose subaccounts similar to mutual funds, fixed accounts, or asset allocation programs that can easily be accessed through cash value loans or withdrawals.  This comes with higher growth potential, and increased risk.

Full market participation

No limits on how much cash value you can gain or lose like other universal life products. The value of your policy depends on the market performance of your subaccounts. Your cash value growth is not limited, but like other investments, there is also potential to lose value.