PIP auto insurance

Personal injury protection coverage (PIP) This type of coverage will benefit you and your passenger(s) if your vehicle is involved in an accident, regardless if you caused or the accident was caused by another driver.  You can add PIP to your existing automobile insurance policy.

PIP insurance is a no-fault insurance. Since PIP is a no-fault insurance, there is no need to find out who caused the accident in order to get coverage for medical bills.  This means the insurance company pays out without first making a determination of which driver was the one that actually caused the accident

It’s very helpful because it helps to pay expenses incurred by the driver as well as all passenger(s) in the vehicle at the time of an automobile accident, regardless of who is at fault   There are various levels of PIP insurance coverage available, so it would be good to familiarize yourself with the minimum level of required PIP insurance coverage in the State where your car is registered.

If you live in a State that requires PIP insurance coverage you have the ability to increase the PIP coverage above the mandatory requirements at an additional cost.  If you do not have health insurance or have limited health insurance, this may be very beneficial to you to provide extra coverage

You will find that this coverage is offered from the majority of automobile insurance companies. However, some auto insurance companies refer to PIP coverage as Medical Payment Insurance. If you talk to a qualified insurance agent they will be able to explain to you in detail everything PIP covers.

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